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Track your Exercise
Born out of a need to track the activity we've done and a desire to run statistics against them we setup FitOff.  Everyone can benefit from that... every time you exercise, log the type and duration of the exercise, it won't be long before you see the sum of all your efforts.

Score Boards
How better to measure your success, than by competing against others - workmates, clubs, family members, random groups of people.  Since we're just in the alpha/beta stage setting up a scoreboard is restricted, but everyone on the site can participate in the main board - see how you rank against others on a daily, weekly and monthly scale.

Built: 1.Jan.2007
Live: 28.Feb.2007 (beta)
    1.Feb.2007 (alpha)

Potential Future Features

We don't have an ETA yet, but here's what we're hoping to add to the site in the not-too-distant future.