Track Your Exercise


Welcome to FitOff

Welcome to FitOff, Canada's premier way to track your exercise. Born out of a need to track the activity done we've over the year and a desire to compete against others, FitOff was born.  Everyone can benefit from this - every time you exercise, log the type and duration of the exercise for your points to be calculated and displayed. It won't be long before you see the sum of your efforts.


  • Free signup
  • Choose type and duration of exercise and see Fitness and Activity points.
  • Compete against other FitOff users on our Scoreboards
  • For complete features see the features page.

The Future

We have some great new features in the works including:

  • Create scoreboards.
  • Make your profile public to show others how you're doing.
  • Download your fitness data in an open format.


Visit our Registration page and join our little community.